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A-V Foot Pump (LBTK M 1000)

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Bionic Design
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LBTK M 1000
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Dalian Labtek Science and Development Co., Ltd.
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  • Productivity: 1000PCS/Year
  • Trademark: LABTEK
  • 0.2 Seconds: Bionic Design
  • Model NO.: LBTK M 1000
  • Packing: Carton
  • Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
  • Origin: China
  • Standard: ISO 13485


Nature has provide us with a very powerful venous pump located in our foot to assist returning blood to our heart. When walking, everytime our foot hits the ground, a large volume blood is pumped from the deep vein in a high velocity sure up the leg to heart. Aslo a similar pumping mechanism is operated through hand clenching. The A-V foot pump just mimic the nature foot and hand pump.

The A-V Foot Pump imitates the natural physiological processes when people can not walk. Rapidly inflating the foot or hand pad in less than 0.4 seconds produces a high velocity surge of venous blood flow, improving venous return and arterial blood flow in the extremities.

A large clinical evidences have prove the A-V foot pump following functions
1. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism prophylaxis
Rapid increase venous blood velocity_eliminate stasis
Resulting turbulent blood flow scours vein valve pockets
Shearing forces on the vein wall release EDRF which lubricates blood flow and make endothelium non-adherent.
Nature, safe bionic treatment -without rish of bleeding complications.
More than 17 years clinical experiences worldwide.
2. Rapid reduction of acute and chronic edema.
To shorten waiting time to operation for joint fracture.
Reduction of pain after surgery or trauma
Fewer skin integrity complication
Decrease or release the lymph-edema or varicosis
Accelerate the vein ulcer healing.
3. Fast reduction of compartment pressure
Eliminate the possibility of fasciotomy
4. Increase peripheral arterial blood flow
Improve rest-ABI and post-exercise ABI
Increase microcirculatory blood flow
Accelerate ischemia wound healing
Improve the claudicant distance
Release or decrease rest pain

Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, edema reduction, pain management, circulation enhancement

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